Every time I visit Sephora or a department store and find a skincare or cosmetic product I like they’re almost ALWAYS out of samples. I can’t count how many times I’ve bought a cosmetic product and found that it irritated my skin or I just didn’t like it. That’s why I got so excited when…

Home devices for hair removal, wrinkles, acne – Are they worth it? Live from IMCAS, Paris


Home use devices are becoming more and more prevalent. But are they worth the cost? Will you get the results the ads promise? Here’s the bottom line in ‎my opinion: Hair removal home devices Not much new. Unless you have just a very small area, save your money. Not great still for darker skin types…

How to design a reasonable skin care regimen for yourself!


I’m glad you asked this. Many people do not know where to start with a skin care regimen. Here are some ideas based on a ton of science and years of observation. Start like you did ……with a gentle cleanser and a good moisturizer that fits your skin type. Here are 2 links to some choices….

Can bags under eyes be corrected without surgery?


I would say the answer to this is yes, usually. But it depends on what the problem is causing these bags under eyes! First do a little analysis on yourself. Does the bag sit right under the eye and next to the lash line? Is the bag lower down (almost on the cheek bone) and fluctuates…

How can I find the best doctor in my area for fillers and other skin care?


This is a good question because it’s not as simple as it sounds. And……the consequences of choosing the wrong person can be annoying at best and permanently disfiguring in the fortunately rare worst cases. You would think just making an appointment with the doctor and then asking directly would solve the problem right? Or just…

Thermi Systems: Thermi Smooth for face, neck and body – does it work?


This is the third installment of my blogs reviewing the ThermiSystems. The first post was on the ThermiTight (read it here) which is the part of this system used on the neck. It has a probe/head that goes underneath the skin (instead of on top). The second post was on the ThermiVA (check it out…

Nails the California Vibe in New Essie Collection


Nails will take center stage at the much buzzed about Rebecca Minkoff see-now-buy-now fashion show at The Grove in Los Angeles Saturday. Days before the New York Fashion Show kicks off in the cold of New York’s winter, Minkoff is creating a different type of “chill” with a California-inspired fashion and Essie nail-polish collection. She’ll use…

Credo Lands in Los Angeles


Credo has found its clean-beauty happy place in Los Angeles. The natural beauty emporium has touched down in the city where green juice kicked Starbucks off its throne as the most-coveted accessory in a cup, Pilates got pumped up, raw food was popularized and self-realization became the closest thing to an established religion. Its 1,300-square-foot…